We would like you to join us in spreading a message of hope throughout the local community using the Waterford Gratitude Tree.

Now, more than ever, is the time to connect with other people in the local community and share what makes us happy. That is why we have initiated our very own Waterford Gratitude Tree.

This is the perfect way to celebrate what you are thankful for, spread kindness and connect with your neighbours whilst practicing social distancing.
Getting involved is easy, just write or draw what you are grateful for on one of our gratitude cards and attach it to the tree! You can find the Waterford Gratitude Tree and everything you need to participate at the back of the Kitchen at Waterford Café or see the staff at the café for additional cards if they have run out.

This is a fantastic activity to try with the whole family, so get the kids involved next time you’re out and about near the Café! We would love to see your Waterford gratitude moments, so snap a picture with the tree and share your moment with us on Facebook by using the hashtag #Waterfordgratitude.

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