Staying organised can often feel like an uphill battle, especially when life throws you a few curveballs. It would be an understatement to say that the busier your life becomes, the fuller your to-do list gets, and stress hits an all-time high.

As you’re pulled in a hundred different directions, there are a few simple tips and tricks you can incorporate into your routine that will help you feel more on top of your busy schedule! Here are our top three life hacks to help you stay organised when your schedule is crazy-busy.

  1. Find a pattern to your work flow

Open your calendar and have a look at which parts of your week feel more chaotic. Are Mondays and Tuesdays relatively slow in comparison to Thursdays and Fridays? Find the pattern and try to spread your workload out accordingly. By organising ahead, you can potentially cut back your commitments during those particularly stressful times of the week.

  1. Don’t let things pile up

This can be easier said than done! When you’re moving at the speed of light it can be tempting to stay focused on the task at hand and put everything else on the back-burner. However, by putting it off, you are usually creating more work for yourself in the future. Simply put, try to do things then and there rather than procrastinating and prioritise each item in order of importance. You’ll feel more at ease working through your to-do list methodically and with purpose.

  1. Make sure everything has a home

When we get super busy, putting things back in their respective homes is usually the last thing on our minds. However, by making sure all belongings are returned to their proper homes after use, you can save yourself the painful task of tidying up down the track!

Do you have any life hacks you swear by? If you are a gardening guru, whiz in the kitchen, technology buff or have any tried and true tips then we want to hear from you.

Send your hacks including your name to us at [email protected] and we will share them in a future edition of Waterford news!

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