On Saturday 27 March a very special guest – the Easter Bunny − made a special appearance at the Waterford by AVID Property Group (AVID) community where residents came together to celebrate the festive Easter season.

All residents from the Harvest and Waterford communities were welcomed to a day of fun across two sessions that kicked off with music and kids entertainment including a magician, balloon twister and a DJ, at one of Waterford’s biggest Easter egg scrambles.

More than 2,500 Easter eggs and 500 chocolate coin bags were strewn across the lawn outside the Sales and Information Centre by the Easter Bunny and its helper, and children scrambled with glee to collect as many chocolate goodies as they could.

AVID Project Director New South Wales Nathan Huon said residents had been longing for safe ways to take part in community activities and events that had been frequent before the pandemic.

“Waterford is a close-knit community and residents were missing that social connection and the abundance of events we held before the pandemic, so it was wonderful to have adapted a safe way to celebrate Easter this year,” Mr Huon said.

“We were thrilled to have seen such a wonderful turn out for Easter with families enjoying themselves and children eager to meet the Easter Bunny!

“It’s a fundamental design component of Waterford to have community meeting spaces where residents can gather with neighbours and friends – holiday celebrations like Easter are perfect opportunities for them to do this.”

In previous years, the Waterford community has held Easter events that have had more than 1,300 people from the wider community attend.

However, this year they have held the event for residents only so that activities could be adapted to allow residents to safely socially distance from one another.

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