With the inaugural Waterford Gardening Competition in full swing it is time to get to know our celebrity judging panel. Our first judge, Maitland Mayor Cr Loretta Baker is an avid gardener passionate about expanding Maitland’s green space.

1.  What motivated you to get involved in the Waterford Gardening Competition?

I received an invitation from AVID to open and be part of the competition. A gardener myself I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a look at the gardens in one of our more recent estates, and to chat with the owners about their approach.

2.  What are you expecting to see from competition participants this year?

Gardens that complement their home, that celebrate their passion, creativity and hopefully attract birds. I also like restful spots for contemplation.

3.  Why do you believe events like this are important for the Maitland community?

We have had ten years of rapid growth and a subsequent loss of trees and vegetation. It is important and heartening to see gardens maturing in our more recent subdivisions. I hope to see the creation of more garden suburbs. They are positive for our health and for the environment.

4.  Are you a passionate gardener yourself?

Yes, I am a passionate gardener it is something I have done all my life, and I cannot imagine myself being anywhere without a garden.


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