With the inaugural Waterford Gardening Competition in full swing it is time to get to know our celebrity judging panel. Our second judge, Matthew Durning from RPS Landscaping takes inspiration from the natural environment to inform his designs.

 1. What motivated you to get involved in the Waterford Gardening Competition?

As a Landscape Architect I seek inspiration from the natural environment.  It will be great to see what residents come up with, their individual style may just inform future park designs!

2. What elements will set participants apart from their competitors in the competition?

Something unique that has an environmental aspect to it such as attracting native birds and insects.

3. What is the most important thing for gardeners to consider when planning their garden?

To understand the plant and what it likes. This includes several things such as solar aspect, type of soil and how much water it needs. I find the most interesting plants are the ones that thrive in the toughest conditions – the Hunter Region is great for this, hot summers, cold winters, low rainfall and high winds!

4. What is your favourite thing to do in your garden at home?

I have a small outdoor garden with a few herbs, predominantly Rosemary and Chillies. In addition to this I have an extensive collection of indoor plants which need a lot of care and attention! I really enjoy the resilience of these indoor plants and how they thrive in low light conditions.


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