Whether you’re walking through a professionally styled home or viewing some beautifully designed display homes, nothing looks better than a property with all the bells and whistles.
Because you’re likely to fall in love with a home as it is displayed – be it an established property or a display home – it’s worth thinking about the optional extras and upgrades that can take your dream home to the next level. Here are five ways that can not only improve your lifestyle, but also potentially make a great return when it comes time to sell.

1. Heating and cooling systems

Australia is prone to extreme weather at both ends of the thermometer – meaning you’re bound to experience chilly winters and sweltering summers in most parts of the country. And because you want to be as comfortable as possible in your home, making sure the temperature is regulated is paramount.

You can only do so much with passive design that takes advantage of the sun’s natural trajectory, so heating and cooling systems can make everything easier. Air conditioning, evaporative cooling, ducted heating – they are best installed during the build and can create a more comfortable home.

2. Entertaining outdoors

What could be better than entertaining friends and family in your outdoor area? With inside-outside living on the rise, creating an entertainment space outdoors is top of the list for many Aussies building their dream home.

There are plenty of options at your fingertips, but some of the most popular are undercover alfresco areas, outdoor kitchens for those summertime barbecues, and relaxation spaces built around well-maintained gardens and pools.

3. Decent-sized garage

Travel into the inner city and you’ll find plenty of expensive properties without a garage – meaning homeowners need to rely on the availability of off-street parking.

Eliminate the hassle by building a sizeable garage with your house and land package. It might be an optional extra depending on your builder, but it adds flexibility to your lifestyle, more indoor storage space and can even add value to your property.

4. Focus on kitchen and bathroom upgrades

What are the most important rooms  in the house? No, not the bedroom and not even the living room. It’s the kitchen and bathroom – at least in terms of what you can do with the space and the type of upgrades you can invest in.

The kitchen is the beating heart of a home and you’re likely to spend plenty of time in it, so why not pay a little extra and make it the cooking space you’ve always dreamed of? Likewise, a bathroom should be a tranquil space where you can relax and unwind. A few optional extras can transform a bathroom that ‘just does the job’ into one that ties your whole property together.

5. Eco-friendly solutions

In the current age of sustainability, more and  more homeowners are investigating ways to integrate eco-friendly solutions into their property. When you’re building a new home, you have the advantage of being able to install energy-efficient options from the start, whether it’s solar panels or green appliances.

Depending on the land, you can also tweak the orientation of your property’s floorplan to improve the aspect in living areas – getting much-needed warmth from the sun in winter, for example, without having to switch on the heater.

The eco-friendly options are endless, and over time they could save you big on gas and electricity bills.


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