Whether you’re 25 or 55, retirement is something we will all eventually have to think about. Maybe you’re seeing your golden years as a chance to slow down and reflect. On the contrary, moving to a new place might represent life’s second wind for you. Whatever your hopes are for retirement, here’s why you should consider a new life in Chisholm.


You’re Connected

For many, retirement means an opportunity to unplug from chaotic city life. But this doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected! Tranquil Chisholm is perfect for anyone wanting that country peace without sacrificing connectivity. 

  • Chisholm is only 35 minutes drive from Newcastle. 
  • The public transport offerings out of Chisholm make visiting grandkids, friends, and family easy. Chisholm is 4 bus stops away from Green Hills Shopping Centre, and Metford Train Station will take you to Maitland, Newcastle and beyond. 
  • Waterford is a community centrally located within Chisholm. Whether you’re leaving the village or exploring down the street, entertainment, shopping, cafes and more are all a stone’s throw away. As plans for Chisholm Plaza have been approved, soon the complex will bring all your shopping needs into one place, including retail, food and drink, and medical facilities.


Wellness Services

With the maturing of age, it makes sense to be close to medical facilities. The area you retire in should have a selection of specialists and hospitals, especially if you have a chronic or serious condition. Chisholm is conveniently located near a range of high-quality healthcare options.

  • The new Maitland Hospital forecasted to be completed in early 2022 will be a 5-minute drive from Waterford, and the existing Maitland Private Hospital and the Lower Hunter Community Health Care Centre are a short drive away. In Newcastle, you also have John Hunter Hospital and Mater Hospital.
  • What support does your community have for your health and wellbeing? Chisholm is home to a host of allied health professionals and day spas, so you can work to maintain your health preemptively. 



In retirement, a strong sense of community has proven links to better mental health and cognitive ability. Make sure you’ll be living in an environment where you can build a new circle of friends that have similar interests to you. Chisholm, and the communities within the area, have a neighbourly vibe you’ll love. 

  • Communities such as Waterford harbour lifelong connections, with more and more retirees choosing to build a home after the stress of buying earlier in their lives. 
  • If you love plants and gardens, Waterford has a community garden! Living in the community, you’re free to reap the delicious benefits of the garden’s fresh produce. The Kitchen Garden gives community members the chance to get social as you pick your favourite herbs for dinner.
  • While COVID-19 has the events at Waterford on hold, the lively local event calendar will resume once it’s safe. Living in Chisholm’s Waterford, you can get involved without having to make plans yourself, and without having to travel to and from the event! The activity calendar is organised by a dedicated Community Development Officer. A future community centre is also slated to be built.


Cultural Stimulation

Wherever you choose to retire, it should have high liveability indicators such as mild weather, access to the internet to keep you connected, and a strong cultural scene. Basically, you want to make sure you have things to do in the area you settle, whether that’s shopping, catching up with friends, or cosying up with a good book. The lower Hunter Valley has a thriving foodie, arts and culture scene to keep your days as full as you like.

  • Chisholm and its surrounds have natural wonders perfect for sightseeing. Day trip to the picturesque Hunter Valley, where you can enjoy the serene vineyards whilst sampling gourmet local foods and wines. Or catch up for coffee with a friend at The Kitchen at Waterford – a cozy, casual space with industrial, repurposed furnishings. 
  • In Chisholm and the neighbouring locales of Maitland and Morpeth, you will find a charming and quirky selection of markets, craft stores and antique dealers. 


Green Spaces

Ah, breathe in that fresh country air! Close your eyes and hear the birdsong! For the body and mind, getting out into some lush parklands is the perfect motivator for some light exercise. Exercise improves heart health and helps manage and prevent many conditions and diseases. In the sprawling Chisholm countryside, you have solitude and room to move. Roam miles of reserves and soak in the panoramic views, lavished with light and space.

  • The region has four international standard golf courses, as well as equestrian facilities, fitness and swimming centres, yoga, pilates, personal training… you name it, Chisholm is surrounded by it.
  • Chisholm’s Waterford community has a leafy network of cycling and walking trails which stretch for 7km. The parks and nature reserves covers a total of 74 hectares of green space and wetlands. A future sports precinct is also planned; this will include a sports field, netball courts, a cricket pitch and tennis courts. 
  • The beaches of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens are not far from Chisholm. A beachside exercise is an option for the more adventurous, with swimming, sailing, waterskiing, fishing, snorkeling, surfing and rowing on offer. 



When it comes to retiring, it’s important to remember that this is your time. You’ve done the hard yards. Now it’s time to consider what you want, ignoring any social pressure from family or friends. Take the guesswork out of home-buying with one of Waterford’s expertly matched home and land packages, custom-built for the lifestyle you envision. It’s crafted around you, in perfect balance with the retirement you desire. 


Waterford is an exciting new development set to become one of the most enviable places to live in Chisholm, East Maitland. Enjoy the natural beauty and spacious surrounds with all the convenience of stylish village living.

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